Treasure map

Get them started on their financial journey

When you open an Origin Youth Savings Account, your child can win between $10 and $500! How’s that for some buried treasure?

How to find their buried treasure:


💰 Open an Origin Youth Savings Account at your nearest Addition Financial Branch
💰 Ask a branch staff member for a scratch off ticket at account opening
💰 See how much treasure they win!


Ready to get them started? Begin by booking an appointment at your local Addition Financial branch to open an account. Remember to bring with you to the branch:

  • Your child's social security number
  • $5.00 minimum share
  • For minor identification purposes either a social security card or a birth certificate
  • For parent/guardian identification purposes you'll need an unexpired valid government issued ID with photo


Account Details:


Origin Savings (ages 0 – 12):

  • Refunded ATM fees
  • No monthly service charges
  • Waived membership and minimum balance fee
  • Earn up to $400 of bonus cash every year with Fun Bucks1



Is your child older than twelve years old? They're eligible for a Vibrant Savings and Checking account. This account is intended for our membership between the ages 13 and 17 to help them grow into our more robust financial opportunities. Just enough responsibility for them to learn, but not too much where they'll feel overwhelmed. Learn more


Addition Financial’s Origin Savings Accounts encourage young members to begin saving and developing good money habits from an early age. To get them started on their financial journey – and find some treasure along the way – book an appointment at your local branch to open an account.