Vibrant Checking Account

Time to retire the piggy bank.

For a limited time, you can get up to $50 free when you open a new Vibrant checking account. No money down, no minimum balance, no more piggy bank. Visit your nearest branch to get started today!

Trust us, your piggy bank won’t take it personally.

Starbucks? Gas money? New phone? When you open a new Vibrant checking account and get up to $50 for free, that money is yours to do what you want. Teens who open an account will receive an instant $25 deposit¹, along with $5 for every 5 debit card transactions – up to an additional $25!²


Schedule an appointment at your nearest branch below to set up a new Vibrant checking account!

Vibrant Checking Account

An instant $25 deposit and up to $25 free for new Vibrant account holders.

  • Account designed for ages 13 - 17
  • No membership fee or minimum share balance fee
  • Exclusive school mascot design Visa® debit card
  • Option to participate in the Fun Bucks Saving Incentive Program
  • Incentive $25 will be deposited within five days of account opening