Making it Count Season Three

Exploring real ways to make your hard earned money work for you.

Join hosts Cristina and Will as they interview local financial experts, answer listener questions and share their own money experiences on season three of Making it Count!

Do you ever feel like you’re stumbling through your finances? You're not alone.

This is Making it Count, the podcast where we explore real ways to make your hard earned money work for you.

Join hosts Cristina, a working mom of two doing her best to save for their college and her retirement, and Will, a young professional trying to break the rent cycle, pay off student loans and navigate finances as a newlywed.

In this podcast, they'll offer practical tips and insider tricks from local experts and share their own financial journeys all to empower you to accomplish your goals, too.

So together, let’s Make it Count!


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Money Taboos Part II

Latest Episode: Money Taboos Part II

  • What is predatory lending and how does it differ from traditional lending?
  • What are payday loans?
  • What does usury mean and aren’t high interest rates illegal?
  • How did predatory lending play a role in the housing crisis?
  • What does it mean to be upside down on a house?
  • Are balloon payments considered predatory lending?
  • What is reverse redlining and loan packing?

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