Financial Planning 101: A Crash Course for College Students

Financial Planning 101: A Crash Course for College Students

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about managing your finances during college.

Need help learning how to budget during college? Look no further.

Attending college is a big expense and can affect your financial stability in many ways. As you prepare for the next semester, we’d like to offer you some information to help you take some of the financial pressure out of your collegiate experience.

At Addition Financial, we spend a lot of time working with high school and college students to help them get the loans they need to pay for school and their financial basics set in place. We also know a little bit about preparing for campus life.

In this handbook we’ll cover topics like how to find and apply for scholarships and grants, which kind of education tax deduction to claim and how to file taxes as a college student. Plus, we’ll make sure you know how to create a budget for your situation.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have the information you need to feel good about your financial choices in college. And at the end, we’ll give you some information about Addition Financial’s college checking accounts and student loan options.
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Financial Planning 101: A Crash Course for College Students

What’s in this guide?

  • How to find, apply for and get scholarships to help you pay for undergraduate and graduate students
  • How to accept a grant to put toward your college tuition
  • The basics of tax filing for working students
  • The differences between the two available education tax credits
  • Tips for creating and saving money on a student budget

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